Apr 2012 16

Musician – ACDC

“I’m grateful for my family, music and being able to run out onto a field and play football…” Click play on the video below for more.

Apr 2012 15

I’m grateful for my health. I’ve got a beautiful wife and a daughter and I do what I love doing.

Jules Schiller
Radio & TV Personality

Apr 2012 14


“I’m grateful for just about everything! I get to have breakfast which means I’m luckier than most people on the planet. I get to drink hot and cold running water, which makes me luckier than most people…” Click play on the video below for more.

Apr 2012 12

Retired Sydney Swans Football Player

“I’m grateful for my family, my wife and my four children. I’m grateful for doing something that I’m passionate about and getting paid to do it. I’m grateful for my health and the health of my family and friends…” Click play on the video below for more.

Jennifer Wilson
Apr 2012 10

Thanks for the daily (Grateful in April) updates… Appreciated them last year and even more this year. Last year I was not in the best of places, me and my husband had not long separated and I was not dealing with it at all… Through April I received these emails along with looking for positive quotes through social media sites – this all kept me going, picked me up when I felt down and was the inspiration behind my daily #wisewords that I post on Twitter and Facebook… I have been surprised by the number of people that contact me to thank me for my positive posts. It is amazing how something that seems so simple can be so effective. I am grateful for everything, my friends, my family, my life experiences good and ‘character building’.

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