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Tell us in the comments below what you are grateful for, and share it with the world!
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Day 30: Grateful for my focus
Apr 2014 30

When I first started Grateful in April, I had a few ideas about what I might get from spending a month practicing the art of gratitude.

Four campaigns down, all my expectations have been exceeded.

I initially had to force myself to focus on what is good in my life, but the more I did it, the easier it became.

Every once in a while, I have found myself lapsing a little but overall, my life has significantly improved as a result of being Grateful in April.

My inner dialogue has changed – for the better. I am genuinely thankful for so much and far more aware of who and what I have to be grateful for in my life. I don’t actually have to think about it – I now continually think grateful thoughts and it feels fantastic!

There have been many people who have taken this journey with me and I am extremely grateful to each of you for your support and belief that it is possible to make a difference with a positive mindset.

I’ve loved the process and the outcomes, so much so that this is one habit I have no intention of breaking.

We’ll be back for Grateful in April next year with a bigger and better campaign. In the interim, I’m continuing of my journey of feeling good about who and what are in my life.

I’m hoping that keeping up the cause can help create a groundswell of gratitude and that you will continue with me.

Thank you for sharing the journey this year. I’ll be back from time to time with little reminders. In the meantime, I’m wishing you all the benefits that having an attitude of gratitude can bring.

Grateful in April has positively changed my life. What impact has it had on yours?

Day 29: Grateful for 100 things
Apr 2014 29

Over the past month you’ve had the opportunity to compile a bedside book of nearly 100 things you are grateful for in your life.

Maybe you have a book overflowing with fabulous thoughts. Maybe you meant to write something each day but you missed a night, then another and then forgot again. Maybe you never got started.

Regardless of where you are at, take the time now to list at least 100 things you love about your life.

Just start writing and keep going. It doesn’t matter how trivial you may think something is, put it down.

This exercise not only gives you a positive list to inspire you on an ongoing basis, but it will help you access some happy memories in your brain and get you feeling great right now!

Make copies of the list. Put one of the fridge, carry one with you in your bag, put one in the drawer of a work desk. Keep the list handy so that if you are ever having a flat moment, you can read it and perk yourself up.

Katrina Andrew
Apr 2014 28

I am incredibly grateful for my soulful husband, and my 3 vibrant, adventurous children. They all know how to love. And really, love is all you need.

Katrina Andrews, Melbourne Businesswoman

Day 28: Grateful for gifting
Apr 2014 28

While donating a few cents each day may not feel like it’s going to make a big impact, if everybody did the same, it would make a massive difference.

No donation is too small, especially if you can encourage others to join you in supporting a great cause. You can make a one-off gift or sign up to make it a regular thing – many workplaces will even match your giving.

Some faiths give 10 per cent of their income to charity or a cause they believe in. Other people feed a special piggy bank to donate. Many people embark on fundraising activities to support their favourite cause.

Whatever your motivation for selecting a beneficiary, ensure you give from a place in you that feels good about making a donation. Many people say that when you give with good intentions, great things come into your life.

We hope you can consider donating to our charity, the m.a.d.woman foundation to help us help people in need. Not only do we need funds, but we also need hands to help us. You can sign up to volunteer.

Helping those less fortunate than you is a great way of making yourself feel good and to give your recipients a reason to foster an attitude of gratitude themselves.

Day 27: Grateful for connecting
Apr 2014 27

It’s never been easier to communicate with people – be it in person, by phone or online. I’m working hard to focus on connecting people and getting us all to share what we are grateful for.

Whether I’m having one-on-one conversations or speaking to large groups of people or doing media interviews, I am using this month to spread the word about the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude.

In addition to communicating in person, I’m spreading the word throughout the virtual world.
Today’s challenge is to join me.

It’s not too late for people to sign up to experience an attitude of gratitude through Grateful in April – in fact people can sign up all year round!

Here are six ways you can inspire others and connect online with people on the same path.

• Send inspirational tweets throughout the Twitterverse – the hashtag is #gratefulinapril
• Add www.gratefulinapril.com to your Facebook status reports while telling your mates what is good in your life
• ‘like’ facebook.com/gratefulinapril page – and while you are there, add a positive post
• write blogs about Grateful in April
• Post photos on Instagram and Pinterest using #gratefulinapril
• Share what you are grateful for on the Grateful in April website

See you on the world wide web – we’re all over it!

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