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Tell us in the comments below what you are grateful for, and share it with the world!
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Day 17: Grateful for what others know
Apr 2014 17

Today I’m seeking information from others who have some pearls of wisdom to share.

There is much to be gained by reading inspirational books, listening to educational audiotapes or attending seminars and workshops. These days you can learn from the comfort of your own home by attending webinars and watching clips on the Internet.

Even if you prefer reading other book genres, make a habit of reading even a few pages of something motivational each day. Notice if your outlook and outcomes change.

Many people credit a great book with a positive life-changing experience. By now your own book of gratitude should be growing – go on, put a new entry in it now!

I’m grateful for being able to learn from others who are willing to share. Whether I choose to follow their advice or not, I love the opportunities I can create when something sparks inside me from one of their little nuggets of knowledge.

PS. Know someone who could benefit from an attitude of gratitude? It’s not too late for people to sign up for Grateful in April – they’ll get the daily emails for 30 days from signing up.

Day 16: Grateful for the wisdom of others
Apr 2014 16

Learning from the wisdom of others is a great way to keep motivated.

I’m kinda old fashioned in that I still love flicking through the pages of a book, reading positive affirmations and quotes from some great minds of inspirational folk.

From the musty pages of history flows positive prose that sits as well in modern times as it did way back when.

Whatever your preference, it’s never been easier to find quotes – a quick web search will reveal thousands of thoughts to keep your mind motivated. Even spending a few minutes searching should put you in a positive frame of mind.

Choose the quotes that speak to you and refer to them often. Put them on the fridge, in your wallet or even in your sock drawer.

There are many quotes that speak to me. I’ll leave you with just one that still remains a favourite for me.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Day 15: Grateful for the things I’ve done
Apr 2014 15

Today there will be no ‘To do’ list. Instead I’m writing a list ‘Things done’.

We often spend so much time noticing what needs to be done that we forget to focus on our achievements.

We’re quick to cross things off and move to the next item needing attention. In my world there’s usually very little fanfare as a deadline is met, a chore completed or an expectation exceeded.

I’m not creating any challenges for anyone today. I’m busy being proud of what I’ve done lately and hoping you will choose to do the same.

The more I give to others, the better I feel about myself. It’s a habit I’m willing to indulge as often as possible. Join me in being m.a.d. (making a difference).

Oh, by the way, we are halfway through Grateful in April – wow it’s gone quickly!

Day 14: Grateful for all poppies
Apr 2014 14

I often see people too quickly people build others up and then cut them down – the ‘tall poppy’ syndrome. I say enough! I’m working on supporting all poppies, whatever height.

Spend at least the rest of April noticing stories of people who achieve some kind of greatness or goal and be genuinely happy for them without assuming they had more help than you or a better start. Encourage people to be the best they can be and will them to reach even greater success.

I’ve realised there is an abundance of opportunities in this world and focussing on achieving greatness will help you enjoy your share. Being negative or bitter about what other people have will only bring you down and put limitations on your own journey.

Embrace and celebrate other people’s achievements! Write a letter of congratulations, give someone a well earned pat on the back and use other people’s success to inspire and drive you to achieve your own.

Forget cutting people down – build them up as high as you possibly can. There’s plenty of sun to shine on everyone! Join me for a few rays today.

Day 13: Grateful for people around me
Apr 2014 13

It’s amazing how quickly I am noticing that the more I focus on the positive aspects of everyone around me, the easier it is to actually see something good in everyone.

Even if I can do nothing more than find three things to be grateful for each day, I’m still #winning.

It’s easy to complain about bad service – what if you concentrated on complimenting great interactions with people this month? I’m betting you’d attract more of the same.

Today’s challenge is to express gratitude to people you come into contact with each day. Thank people for the job they are doing – even if you don’t think they are doing an especially good job.

Does that change the way they interact with you? Maybe being appreciated will result in a better experience for the next person they deal with and you’ll start a ripple of goodwill. Imagine that?

OMG – can it really be this easy? It seems so.

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