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Day 23: Grateful for a bigger picture
Apr 2014 23

Are you living your life the way you “pictured” it to be? Sometimes we can lose sight of what the picture we were creating actually was.

One very powerful tool I have used is a vision board. In essence you create a visual road map of the life you desire. There are no rules for how it should look or what should be on there.

I first did this with a group of friends over the course of an afternoon. We combined a lot of laughs with a pile of old magazines and newspapers and cut and pasted images and words that inspired us. We each left that party with a large board that expressed the life we wanted to be living. These days you can also do one online with the likes of Pinterest.

My top tip? Put the board somewhere where you can view it daily and start imagining you are already living this life. Say aloud how grateful you are for everything you have and have already accomplished.

Each time I look at vision board, I’m amazed at how much I’ve achieved. Have I ticked off meeting George Clooney from my list yet? Okay, no, not yet, but I’ve crossed off many other dreams…

Whether you do this activity alone or with others, the key is to get your destination defined and then enjoy the journey. If you can work out the what, then trust that the how will follow. I do.

Day 22: Grateful for forgiving myself
Apr 2014 22

It happens. Whether you are in the middle of Grateful in April or not, you can stuff up.

I’ve been there before and I’m sure I will be there again. In my case I was merrily making my way through April flinging my gratitude left, right and centre when BANG! – a pothole appeared and I fell right into it.

The issue itself was not a serious one, but it caused enough angst for me to feel awful. All of a sudden every great habit I had developed during the month flew out the window. My stomach began churning and I felt ill. I’d gone from Grateful in April to Gagging in April.

After about half an hour of feeling dreadful, I decided I could actually make a choice on how I moved forward.

While in an ideal world, we will always feel positive about everything, the reality is that sometimes there will be hiccups.

The important thing is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, deal with the issue, find something positive to take from it and move on.

It’s not only about fixing issues, it’s also about forgiving yourself.

And I have. And I continue to.


Day 21: Grateful for giving
Apr 2014 21

Some people don’t need Spring to inspire a clean. For those who are like me, it can sometimes be a challenge to move ‘things’ on from your life.

While throwing stuff out can be hard, giving things away graciously is a totally different story. I’ve started asking myself: “Who could use this more than me?”

When the Black Saturday bushfires hit, I had no hesitation in donating good quality items to people who’d lost everything. The more I gave, the easier it was, especially where I had duplications. It’s a trend I have continued.

Each year as the seasons change and nights get colder, I search my wardrobe for warm clothing that could go to someone homeless. Parting with books can be hard but it has felt good donating them to the waiting room of the Intensive Care Unit at my city hospital.

Most of us can be grateful that we have more than we need. Have a look around – is there something you have that someone else could use more than you?

Day 20: Grateful for being connected
Apr 2014 20

Check out what happens when you go on a rampage of telling people why you are grateful for having them in your life.

While there is no requirement that they reciprocate, you might be pleasantly surprised at what they have to say to you. Suck it up – it’s all good!

In case you needed a little reminder, your bedside notebook is ready to be filled with more positive thoughts today.

Today I am grateful that the right people show up in my life at the right time, that I am free to make – and act on – my own decisions and that I don’t have a ‘job’ – only a life that I love.

Day 19: Grateful for acting
Apr 2014 19

Thinking and planning are great, but they mean nothing if you don’t act on them. I’ve worked in many an organisation where consultants are hired to do fancy business plans and marketing proposals which are then shelved. I’ve never understood it.

What are you not acting on? Do you have a dream or unfulfilled passion or maybe a fantastic business idea that you’ve never brought to life?

The difference between many people who are successful and many who are not is that one group chose to act of their ideas while others are still just talking about them.

I’m firmly in the camp of giving something a go which how the Grateful in April campaign came to life so quickly. I could have waited till I was “ready” to start and I’m sure there are many things I could have done differently. I’m glad I didn’t wait till it was the ‘right time’ and the feedback I has was that there are other people who are also glad I just got on with giving it a go.

Is there an area in your life that you could be acting on? Start today. Like me, you might be grateful you did.

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